We are welcoming your decision to join us at MUNTUM to unleash your full potential

Applications are open until May 25th

 We are looking for passionate and curious new fellow members, and we are already excited to get to know you. That is why we would like to ask you to tell us a bit about you. To make it as easy as possible we have already prepared some questions. Just like you, we prefer concise answers. 
Please also provide a political statement. You may choose one of the provided topics. They are deliberately kept broad. You may focus on any aspects you deem essential to your political statement. Please stay within a range of 200 to 300 words and upload your statement in PDF format.
Possible topics:

Chinese Social Credit System (from the perspective of the Chinese government)

Abolishment of veto power at the United Nations Security Council (no restrictions)

Climate change from a political point of view (you may choose any country’s perspective)

American-Chinese trade war: Are trade wars a legitimate tool in international politics?

European Union and upcoming elections: How to restore faith?

MUNTUM is operating in four distinct committees to drive its future growth. We are sure there is one that sparks your interest.

Recruiting: Hunt for the next generation of MUNTUM members and engage the society in team building and social events

Marketing & Social Media: Help communicate our message through new and innovative strategies

Sessions & Conferences: Help providing innovative content for our weekly sessions and organize our annual MUN conferences

Sponsors & Networks: Help growing our diplomatic and corporate network which accelerate MUNTUM’s future growth

This recruiting period has elapsed. We are looking forward to take your application next semester.