Munich's oldest MUN Society!

Representing TUM since 2007


At MUNTUM we aspire to provide the tools to stay ahead of global challenges and developments. We are encouraging future leadership in industry and society.

Our understanding of future leadership

We feel the need for a transformation from current to future leadership: There is a gap between the ideas and expectations towards leadership between current and future leaders.

Future leadership is a constant challenge and requires permanent change: The prevailing conditions and shared values change with every new generation.

Future leadership follows a long-term purpose: We feel a strong need for responsible leadership that is not only driven by yield increases but integral solutions that meet the requirements of ethical behavior.


Unleash your full potential

Engage in Model United Nations Conferences: Join the MUNTUM delegation and visit MUNs all around the globe.

Develop further: Train your analytical, debating and negotiation skills at our weekly sessions and profit from professional coaching.

Participate in our events: Meet leaders who shape society and industry, gain exciting insights and build your network.

Improve your leadership skills: Take over responsibility at one of our committees and drive the development of MUNTUM.

Enrich Munich’s student life: Help us to enrich Munich’s student life.

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