Our delegation prepares intensively for approx. nine months towards its participation in any conference. During this long process, it all comes down to learn many essential skills, such as, to debate in English, to interact diplomatically, to discuss complex political problems and foremost, to write plausible resolutions, which would solve these imperious problems. These experiences teach the student the complexity and nuances of diplomacy and the political world.

Such a demanding project requires a very high amount of time, personal effort and most critically, a high financial involvement. Through your cooperation with the MUNTUM e.V, your company or institute can present itself internationally as a supporter of the UN-ideals. Before, during and after the conference, the chances are infinite to make contact with our delegates and also, to have a media presence as sponsors.

We hope that we could ignite your interest in our initiative. We are always open for personal meetings or questions.

Your contact for sponsoring
Model United Nations TU München e.V.
E Mail: info[at]worldmun[dot]de

Our current and former sponsors:

Many of our partners and sponsors support our project since its establishment in 2006 – or even from one up to two project years. We are deeply grateful for their financial, organizational and ideational patronage! We are looking forward to continue our ongoing good partnership.