Model United Nations TU München e.V. (MUNTUM) was founded almost 10 years ago, in 2007. A group of students came together and created a society that remains unique at the Technical University of Munich to this day. With the aim of promoting international understanding and cultural tolerance, they committed to administering a programme that would connect students of various backgrounds within the framework of Model United Nations (MUN).

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First MUNTUM training weekend.

Initially, MUNTUM focussed its efforts on only one conference: Harvard WorldMUN (“TUM goes WorldMUN” project). Throughout the years, as members’ enthusiasm for MUN’ing peaked, we began attending a broader range of conferences. Members of a given delegation often attend up to four conferences.

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An article about MUNTUM’s preparation for WorldMUN in Mexico, published in 2008 by Süddeutsche Zeitung.

Then and now, MUNTUM provides its members with training and support to make this happen. Most importantly, however, MUNTUM remains a unique platform for students who are interested in international politics and international relations to come together and share their views in an open and tolerant environment; something their (usually technology-related) study programmes don’t offer them.

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The president of TUM, Professor Herrmann, expresses his support for MUNTUM.

The original values upon which MUNTUM was built ten years ago remain firmly embedded in all our undertakings, and we are proud of our long history at TUM. To this day, MUNTUM succeeds in confronting current world events, instilling open mindsets and creating long-lasting friendships.