Harvard WorldMUN is a simulation of the United Nations. Every year around 2000 students from over 60 countries meet for a one week lasting conference. Therefore it is the most renowned and manifold re-enactment of a UN conference worldwide, in which students simulate diverse committees and international organisations of the United Nations.

Cities where Harvard WorldMUN conferences already took place

Year City Country
1992 Miedtzyzdroje Poland
1993 Prague Tschechien
1994 Luxembourg Luxembourg
1995 Geneva Switzerland
1996 Amsterdam Netherlands
1997 Budapest Hungary
1998 Brussels Belgium
1999 Cambridge United Kingdom
2000 Athens Greece
2001 Istanbul Turkey
2002 Belo Horizonte Brazil
2003 Heidelberg Germany
2004 Sharm El-Sheikh Egypt
2005 Edinburgh United Kingdom
2006 Beijing China
2007 Geneva Switzerland
2008 Puebla Mexico
2009 Den Hague Netherlands
2010 Taipeh Taiwan
2011 Singapore Singapore
2012 Vancouver Canada
2013 Melbourne Australia
2014 Brussels Belgium
2015 Seoul South Korea
2016 Rome Italy
2017 Montréal Canada




















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