The delegation of 2014/2015 consisted mostly of MUN beginners, who were eager to learn the rules of procedure and participated enthusiastically in our workshops and mock debates.

The first committee we simulated was the UNGA 3rd Committee: Social, Humanitarian and Cultural (SOCHUM) on the topic of establishing a follow-up framework for the MDGs. Although this topic may seem simple at first, it requires a solid understanding of the structure of the UN and the role of the MDGs. To make sure everyone was well prepared and to practice writing political statements, our delegates’ first assignment was to submit a position paper stating their countries’ views on the matter and proposing solutions.

Now our delegates had to be able to present the fruits of their research in formal debate. This requires adherence to the rules of procedure but most importantly the ability to use those rules to one’s favour. When is which point in order? What are the consequences of a motion to appeal the chair’s decision?

After many a blunder (especially in the form of ‘I’), the rules of procedure came to the delegates naturally, and they were able to convey their stances in the correct manner, an imperative skill for any MUN conference.

The delegates began to reach a consensus after the first unmoderated caucus was successfully passed, and soon they were drafting a resolution. This led to the acquisition of valuable skills, such as writing perambulatory and operative clauses in formal English.


Following the summer break, our delegation travelled to Eichstätt together for our kick-off weekend. Here, we discussed a more advanced topic of the UN Security Council: the Arab-Israeli Conflict. Given the level of this debate and the nice weather outside, it was definitely challenging for our delegates to draft a resolution on this topic. However, in the end a notable result was achieved and our delegates were ready for their first conference. The kick-off weekend also allowed our delegates to get to know each other and strengthened the bond of our society.

The delegates were evidently well prepared, shown by their outstanding performances at IsarMUN, OxiMUN and EuroMUN, where two of our delegates were able to win awards. My congratulations again to Arturo Buitrago for winning the Best Delegate award twice and to Nikita Kuhlen for achieving an Honourable Mention.

Given the success of the MUNTUM year 2014/15 we now look forward to welcoming new delegates to the society and hope we will successfully pass on our knowledge.

Victoria Treßel