From 12th till 14th of December our delegation the MUNTUM e.V. had the pleasure to attend a conference in Tutzing at the beautiful Starnberger See near Munich. The IsarMUN is organised MUNAM and MUNTUM.


The IsarMUN is a basic conference for our new delegates at MUNTUM. It was the second conference in our new year, OxiMUN in Oxford has been the first one, with the difference that all of our new delegates have taken part in IsarMUN.

There have been around 100 delegates and the atmosphere has been good and productive, and thus, IsarMUN is the perfect training conference for bigger ones to come.

On the December 12th our delegates arrived in Tutzing, where a opening ceremony took place. Afterwards we had the first guest speaker, Dr. Martin Stuchtey, Director at McKinsey & Company. He gave an entertaining speech about “The concept of circular economy and sustainable development“. The first day ended with a general reception where we had the chance to get a first contact to the other delegates, which had arrived from different cities in Germany and abroad.

On the next day, sessions commenced.

Two of our delegates were selected as chairs for ECOSOC, while the other delegates were part of the Security Council, the Human Rights Council and the General Assembly.


I have taken part in the General Assembly with two important topics. The first one has been “The ways in order to empower gender equality and the women participation in public life“and the secound one was “Sexual violence in conflict zones.“ I had the pleasure to represent the Argentine Republic. We put a motion to introduce the first topic, which was accepted with a huge majority. We came up with differenct topics to get a better overlook over this topic which is quite important for many states. After some hours, two coalitions emerged: a western minded majority and a middle east islamic influenced minority. As the matter about women gender equality is an enthralling topic with many possibilities to debate, most of our time at the conference was spent discussing this topic.

On the second day, we got the possibility to hear another great speech from Dr. René Rieger, Chairman of MEIA Research Group about “The Islamic State and the Levant“.

Later there has been a IsarMUN evening programm.

After a short night, the last day started. My committee finished the first topic with a resolution, which was objected by only two states, the Islamic Republic of Iran and by the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. This was not unexpected. Unfortunately, we had not had time to start with the next topic, because the time was up and the conference ended.

This amazing conference closed with an impressive speech of Dr. Ingrid Bausch- Gall, Amnesty International, about “Human Rights in the Digital Age“. Many of our delegates had questions regarding this subject. After a Q&A-session, the conference was officially over and our travel home began.

Sanela Zjajo