RoMUN_LogoFrom the 21st to the 25th of November, 2012 I attended the 4th edition of the Roma Model United Nations. The conference took place in Rome, the impressive capital of Rome. Thanks to the great effort made by the organization team, the delegates had the opportunity to enjoy many of the antique buildings of the city. For example, the welcome party was held in a hall at the Capitoline Hill.

During the great social events it was very easy to get to know the other 200 delegates. Travelling alone facilitated the dialogue with the other participants. If you are accompanied by a delegation from your own university, you are not that likely to search for other conversation partners. Therefore I could exchange views with young people from e.g. Egypt, Kenya, France and Australia.

Besides all the social life a lot of work was accomplished as well. The following topics have been discussed in the conference:

  • Youth Unemployment (ILO-WTO)
  • Euro Crisis (ECOFIN)
  • Internet Regulation (ITU-WIPO)
  • Sustainable Development (ECOSOC)

I represented the WTO in the Economic and Social council. Unfortunately, many delegates from developing states did not show up. Hence, the WTO took the role of a spokesman of their needs. The committee focused in particular on the exchange of knowledge and skills between developed and developing countries. Furthermore a great focus was on education.


Although it was my first conference I was Honourable Mentioned at the closing ceremony for the progress I made during the conference. The closing ceremony took place in the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and was chaired by former Foreign Minister Franco Frattini. After the amazing Gala Dinner at the Marriott Grand Hotel, all participants were surprised how fast the four days had passed.

Veronika Hüttinger