UN New York HQSix of our best Delegates took a flight to New York end of February 2013 to state the opinion and to debate in the interest of Cyprus in three different committees. In the New York UN Headquarters our three double Delegations could gain valuable experiences and interact within a fully global setting.

“Before we flew to New York, where we would represent the Republic of Cyprus, we had prepared ourselves for several months and wrote a Position Paper on the three different topics that were to be potentially addressed at the conference:

1. Combating the Illicit Trade of Small Arms and Light Weapons in all its Aspects;

2. Women, Disarmament, Non-Proliferation and Arms Control;

3. Regulating Information and Telecommunications Technologies in the Context of Security.

Given our research and developed knowledge on Cyprus in general and with regard to the topics above specifically, we were trying to push for and convince other delegates to make either topic 1 or 3 the priority for the conference.” – Felix Bieler, 1th Committee Delegate

“The first short two-hour session of the committee took place on Sunday and mainly served the purpose of setting the agenda topic and getting acquainted with the committee and other delegates. As expected passing of paging papers started from the first minute as most delegates were very serious about starting to work as soon as possible. While the next day only the afternoon was reserved for committee work, the real work began on Tuesday. Beginning with the Head Delegates Meeting at 7:30am and the committee sessions at 8:30am the delegates kept working until 10:00pm in three big sessions with lunch and dinner breaks in between. As it is in very big committees, the work had to be organized in a very special and precise way to achieve efficiency while not losing too much time for organisation. All delegates showed a high level of professionalism and knowledge and solved the problem by organizing themselves in small working groups, constantly exchanging ideas and NY HQ Stanislavdrafting resolutions. Gradually some delegates were promoted to speakers and leaders of working groups and first draft resolutions started to emerge.  At the end about ten outstanding draft resolutions had been introduced and voted upon, most of them finally being accepted by the committee. Many days of hard work culminated in the final session in the United Nations Headquarters on Thursday. All delegates were rewarded for their thorough preparation and exhausting work during the week by the unique opportunity to vote on two selected resolutions of each committee of the General Assembly in the famous hall where most protagonists of international politics and diplomacy once stood.” – Stanislav Schmidt, Head Delegate in the 4th Committee

“The Republic of Cyprus has been making efforts to secure the non-proliferation of mass destruction weapons since the late 1950s. While recognizing the right of research in nuclear technology for civil purposes, we are strong opponents of nuclear weapons. Looking at the developments in North Korea with deep concern, we proposed another diplomatic approach, since many different sanctions have not proven to be successful. We proposed that this should be based on trust, transparency and tolerance. On the last day, we submitted a draft resolution that we wrote together with delegates from the Republic of Azerbaijan. In a huge effort, we spoke to all delegations and convinced them to vote for our resolution. We managed to get more than 80 signatories. In the end, it passed with a great number of votes.

All in all, NMUN 2013 was a great experience. The conference and every participating delegation was very professional. We met many interesting people from all over the world and had great discussions. Unfortunately, we did not get an award in the end but we were on the right track.” – Ferdinand Stockmann, IAEA Delegate