Excited we waited at Munich central station for our kick-off weekend at Oberstdorf with the newly chosen team. Only we as the faculty advisors knew the whole team and the others were all going to meet for the first time. We had the ingredients and it was time to make a soup out of them. There was a loud chit chat in the train on our way to the hostel, where we would spend two nights together, get to know each other and start off with the basics of Model United Nations (MUN).

In the first evening we started off with a short introduction of our society and how the next months together would look like. And just like it is a tradition at some faculties at the university to prank the newcomers, we had also prepared a small surprise for the new- comers. An „exam“ in the beginning would decide which conference one can attend or even maybe have to leave the society before preparation has started. To our surprise the delegates took the „exam“ quite seriously and even turned their backs to each other so that no one can copy their answers. Since we had made the questions extremely hard on pur- pose the first sweat drops started dropping in just a few minutes. But soon we relieved them from the pressure, told them it was just a prank and welcomed them to MUNTUM e.V.


We had an early start on the second day since there was a lot do to and learn. A brief introduction of the UN and to the rules of procedure were on the plan. After that we directly started debate. We debated on the topic of „Primary Education Development“. It is not an easy topic, but a small challenge is not bad. All delegates debated furiously, composed resolutions and amendments and tried their best to come to effective conclusions. Separating personal ideas from those of the country was something new and of course not easy, but in the end we had two resolutions.

And what is a kick-off weekend without any team building events? They are an essential part of every preparation and team spirit. During the day we had some time to take a look at the city. After the short sight-seeing tour around the city, some chilled on the grass and enjoyed the sunny weather, others drank a beer in the biergarden and third went rowing along the river that runs through the city. Slowly the group of people was starting to change into a team.