Dear distinguished readers,

Five intensive days of the World Model United Nations 2012 lay behind us. However us, a group of 13 students of the Technical University of Munich, will never forget the experiences we made during the conference and of course the friends we made from all over the world.

But let me explain one after the other.

Head Delegate Michael Krapf

During the last six months of preparation for WorldMUN 2012 we tried to prepare ourselves the best as possible. This included weekly meetings where we discussed about political issues, about the structure of the United Nations with its committees and about organizational matters. We did rhetorical classes on English and had training sessions on special topics concerning actual political themes. Additionally we had two preparation weekends which gave us the opportunity to get to know each other better, coordinate our work and focus on improving our ability for holding speeches and doing diplomacy.

As Harvard University told us that our delegation will represent the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, everyone of our team was very motivated to represent the interests of the country the best as possible. This included a lot of reading about the country. I for myself was very impressed about the motivation of each student. Besides studying for tests at University every delegate invested a huge amount of time in the preparation and organization in order to make the WorldMUN an unforgettable experience – successfully. It was a pleasure for me to work together with such talented and political interested students in our delegation and at the WorldMUN 2012 in Vancouver from all over the World.

But there is one more thing to point out: the sponsors of MUNTUM e.V. and of our delegation for WorldMUN 2012. Without financial support and aid this all would not be possible. In the name of every participating student I want to thank you very much. You enabled us a unique experience, you made it possible for us to build a network of friends all over the world, you gave us the opportunity to learn about the UN, about its committees and about the life as an ambassador. Where else could you imagine to discuss about political issues with students from the middle east, from South and North America, from Australia and China and listen to their opinion and their point of view. Every student who had this opportunity will never forget such an experience – there is no better place to attack prejudices and make a little step towards world peace. We are very thankful that you made all this possible.

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Warmest Regards,

Michael Krapf

Head delegate of

TU München WorldMUN 2012 delegation