In order to have a more profound preparation the Ludwig Maximilian University MUN group together with the MUNTUM e.V. organized a 3 day long Model United Nations Conference. This gave the groups preparing for the various MUNs a chance to improve their skills as delegates, as well as it was a possibility to give outsiders a glimpse of the MUN feeling.

The Opening Ceremony was a good chance to get an insight view into the Arab Spring from the viewpoint of the U.S. consul Conrad R. Tribble, who discussed together with the Tunisian businessman Malik Ben Chedli the recent events and key points in this historical event. This was extremely helpful to the members of the DISEC (United Nations General Assembly Disarmament and International Security Committee) Committee, as their topic was the Arab Spring. Soon one problem crystalized out, the Syrian question. And after the first day of debate three different groups were working on three different solutions for the problem.

After the committee dinner, which was directly after the opening ceremony on the first day, the second night was under the motto of partying, and so many delegates found themselves in a club together with the organization crew as well as the chairs to celebrate the event.

On the third and final day, the discussions became more and more intense since the deadline for resolutions was coming up. The western states soon realized that the only chance to solve this conflict was to cooperate with the Arab League, and to work on a joint resolution, which at the end was passed with the support of nearly two-third of the committee.

After the closing ceremony, which gave everyone an insight in the different committees and their work, the delegates went home or came together in small groups to celebrate the last few hours of MUN spirit. This day they all went home with an in- sight in the work of the UN and international politics, with many new experiences and mostly, many new friends.