“The situation in Afghanistan” or “Internatonal terrorism in Yemen”. Those were the two topics to choose from in the Security Council at Isar Model United Nations conference 2011. Students from the TU München represented the delegations from France and Gabon in this important council to participate in the yearly conference by the MUN association Munich by students form the Ludwigs Maximilian Universität. IsarMUN is traditionally an important preparatory event for the delegates going for the Harvard WorldMUN in March.
Besides the Security Council (SC), there was the General Assembly (GA), also chaired by TUM students, and the Human Right Council (UNHRC). About 80 people participated in the event, which took place from December 3rd to 5th 2011. It was truly impressive to see how well the organizers performed in making the conference professional, keeping the all discussions on a high level, although many people had never participated in a MUN simulation before. This included fabulous catering service, some very interesting guest speakers and really fun social events.
I was the delegate from Gabon in the Security Council and was happy we managed to put the topic on Yemen first on the agenda. Mainly because countless resolutions have been passed on the situation in Afghanistan, while the United Nations had never agreed so far on policies regarding the unstable region of Yemen, where al-Qaida is growing strongly year after year. Note that each decision in the Security Council requires 9 out of 15 votes in a favor. Most importantly, no resolution can pass if one of the five permanent members USA, China, United Kingdom, Russia and France votes against. Therefore, since very vote is important, negotiations are even more intense and thorough than usual. Also, in contrast to large committees with fifty or even hundreds of delegates, debate in very small committees happens in moderated caucuses and with speeches instead of behind the scenes negotiations.
The result of the intense negotiations was a resolution that decides on the establishment of a United Nations Assistance Mission Yemen (UNAMY), in analogy with the UNAMA in Afghanistan. We had a lot of fun throughout the entire conference and I can say that it was the best MUN I have had yet.