The collective preparation began with the first preparatory weekend. Cut off from civilization in the “Naturfreundehaus Marzlingen”, we developed a deeper understanding of the functioning of the United Nations’ assemblies. We simulated a session of the Organization of American States (OAS) with the topic “Political Effects of Drug Trafficking” and got in touch with the official WorldMUN rules of procedure and how to write Working Papers and Draft Resolutions.

During our weekly meetings, our focus was primarily on improving our English and presentation skills with various exercises as diverse as impromptu speeches, mini-debates, rhetoric seminars and presentations about current political themes. Furthermore, we continued the efforts to establish an own debating society in cooperation with the MUNTUM e.V.. The first meeting with the topic “Flüchtlinge in der EU – Die Welt zu Gast bei Freunden” has already taken place.

Without any doubt the participation at the IsarMUN 2009 was the highlight of our preparation. The IsarMUN is a joint conference organized by students from the Ludwig Maximilian Universität and the TU München with about 100 participants from all over Germany and abroad. This gave us the great opportunity of having our first “MUN experience” before travelling to Taiwan. Especially noteworthy is the fact that two members of our delegation even got the chance to receive one of the popular seats in the Security Council. Here negotiating is even more intense due to the small number of countries.

Together with two other Munich MUN Societies, a part of our delegation participated in visiting and meeting real diplomats at the UN office and the German Embassy in Vienna, Austria, where they experienced the multinational spirit of the United Nations.

After having received the news that we were supposed to represent Romania at the World MUN 2010 we split up in groups to examine all major topics of interest concerning Romania’s internal policies and foreign affairs. Shortly before leaving to Taipei we refreshed the rules of procedure within the scope of our second preparatory weekend by simulating an emergency session of the General Assembly during the Six-Day War.

Apart from all those common activities one should not forget that since the country and committee distributions were published, not only everybody had to read the study guide for his committee, but further research had to be done on bloc positions and possible agreements.

Last but not least we were very happy that we got an appointment at the consulate general of Romania in Munich. The consul gave us some last valuable tips about Romania’s relationship to the US and Russia and we had the chance to ask deeper questions.