A ship under Russian flag, which is heading for Iran, is captured by pirates in the Gulf of Aden. Shortly after the French secret service has informed its government about this incident, Reuters reports that this ship was transporting technical equipment that can be used for the enrichment of uranium. The happenings accelerate more and more and now Iranian, American and French boats are heading towards the captured ship. In the meantime, Israel has reproached the Iran of actively pursuing the development of an atomic bomb and threatens them to bomb their nuclear research centers, if they do not change their policies. World peace is at stake and the Security Council has to take quick steps in order to avert an escalation of the situation.

Fortunately, this crisis scenario was just a simulation during the ISARMUN 2009. Nevertheless, it was a thrilling experience to represent the delegation of the People’s Republic of China in the Security Council. After three days of debating, looking for compromises, writing draft resolutions and trying to convince other delegations of one’s own proposals, I can really imagine how intense the work of a delegate must be.

Apart from the Security Council, students of the World MUN Delegation of the TU Munich took part in the UNFCC and the UNHRC. The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change pre-simulated the Climate Conference in Copenhagen, on which their negotiation results will be presented, whereas the United Nations Human Rights Council tackled the problem of illegal trafficking of people. Some very interesting guest speakers like the U.S. Consul General Mr. Conrad Tribble plus the Social Events after a hard day of work rounded the event off.