How does a real MUN feel like? After five months of preparation, about half of our delegation never experienced a chair opening debate, never argued with members of other delegations and never felt this satisfaction when former competitors have finally come to a compromise. But soon they should get the opportunity to experience their first Model United Nation conference – right in Munich.

From November 28th to 29th the IsarMUN 2008 took place in the rooms of the Geschwister Scholl Institut in Munich, organized for the first time in a cooperation of students from MUNAM e.V., a MUN society based at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University, and our delegation. Over 60 students debated for two long days about crises: In the Human Rights Council delegates tried to find a humanitarian answer to the hopelessness in the Sudanese region while the World Monetary Fond tried to generate solutions in order to solve the Depth as well as the financial crises.

The Human Rights Council (HRC) was coined on one hand by pure horror about the humanitarian situation in Darfur, about the absence of basic human rights and the everyday occurrence of violence against women and children. On the other hand the ca. 30 delegates represented their countries in an astonishing realistic way: The Sudanese official strongly aspired to circumvent any intervention of the Western powers by pathetic statements supported by the Russian delegate who glanced with quotations of native authors. The European countries forced a resolution calling for the disarmament of all militias including Janjaweed while the Chinese and Indian delegates were concerned about securing their economic interests. Hard discussions still went on during lunch time and some delegates even played their role at the Bavarian Social Event on Saturday night. Deeply moving speeches aligned with pragmatism finally led the council to a comprehensive resolution which passed with a narrow majority on Sunday evening.

The discussions in the World Monetary Fond (WMF) turned out to be slightly different. The difficult topics, the World Financial crisis as well as the question about what to do with heavily indebted countries, challenged the delegates. While financial experts all over the world were agonizing about solutions the IsarMUN 2009 WMF delegates used their non expert situation to tackle both crises from another point of view. During the so called “Unmoderated Caucuses” smaller groups were formed and different aspects were dis- mantled. The countries stuck to their positions and tried to save as much as possible for themselves. But the urgency and global relevance forced the delegates to finally compromise. After the first day the council man- aged to pass a resolution about the Financial Crises. Great, it enabled the council to tackle the Depth Crises on Sunday.

From the point of view of the organizing team the conference has been a great success. Working together with students from other MUN societies was enriching for all parties. Unifying two totally differently structured teams together was a challenge at the beginning but turned out to be successful during the conference. We all learned a lot by preparing study guides for the two committees, reading position papers handed in by the delegates stating their view on the topic and not least by dealing with delegates being not completely aware of the rules. The demand on coffee by all members as well as other smaller and bigger problems had to be satisfied. After two long days when a Certificate of Participation was handed over to each delegate and the ceremony finally was closed we were captured by a feeling of deep happiness and pride that the conference had taken place and had given over 60 students the opportunity to experience a real Model United Nations conference. May it happen many more times in the upcoming years and maybe even lead to WorldMUN 20xx in Munich.