We the Team 2014 welcome you to virutally follow our MUN preparations and conference visits and want to use the chance to shortly introduce overselves and our motives behind joining the Model United Nations Society at TU München. As this year Board members also participate within MUN conferences, they are also part of the delegation and eager to represent the student club on international and national MUNs. We will also provide our impressions on joined conferences via our publication area and finally the annual delegation report.


Faculty Advisor and Board Member

Our Team 2014 can rely on our most experienced and active club member for intensive training to not only learn the rules of procedure and proper behavior during MUNs, but also receive hints on the required nuances of successfully turning an indecisive delegate of the committee into a supporter for their own cause.

Niccolò Ciarlini (Mechanical Engineering)
“MUNs are a great way to get to know people from around the world and make a lot of new friends. MUNs are also great opportunities to discuss very important political issues in a challenging and fun atmosphere and this makes every conference you will attend a unique and amazing experience.”




Students from several faculties have applied to become a member in MUNTUM’s 2014 delegation. Here they have the chance to shortly introduce themselves and their motives.

MUN Philipp Bechhaus (TUM-BWL)
“I started getting interested about MUN, when I moved to Munich back in 2012 and was about to find new activities and social engagements beyond the grey and consistent university affairs. The Model United Nations e.V. seemed to fit for me in several ways and the easy but nevertheless arrogating mindset suits my kind of prospect very well. The simulation of conferences wasn’t the big point that lead me to join the association, it was the shaping of a strong leading personality due to active commitment, rhetorical training and diverse reflection on late-breaking topics.”
Mark Brosig (TUM-BWL)
“I joined the club after my exchange semester in China due to my rising interest in international politics and since then experienced professional debates, deepened my knowledge in global and foreign affairs worldwide and furthered my international friendships. Hence MUNs sharpen your view on current political issues and immensely strengthen your soft skills. These are a major asset for my future professional life. As previous member of the Team 2013 I now also took responsiblity for club finances within the MUNTUM Board.”
Christian Ginglseder (TUM-NAVI)
“I’m glad to be part of the MUNTUM Delegation 2013-2014”
Julius Kühn (TUM-BWL)
“I’m glad to be part of the MUNTUM Delegation 2013-2014”
Johannes Küchle (Physics)
“It’s the thrill of profound debates, the formal but nonetheless fascinating debating style and the complex and well-chosen issues that form together in their very core the unique experience, MUNing truly is. Furthermore, MUNs are a great chance to promote international exchange – not only of people but also of ideas, opinions or points of view – and therefore are essential to one of the key topics of our century: sensibility and understanding for other perspectives.”
Victoria Treßel (TUM-BWL)
“I enjoy cooperating with other delegates to find innovative solutions for real-world problems. The MUNTUM e.V. is a great platform to meet people with an interest in politics and a passion for debate”
Sanela Zjajo (TUM-BWL)
“Hello, my name is Sanela Zjajo, I’m at the second semester at TUM. It’s a great pleasure to take part at MUNTUM. I got to know many new friends, and it’s a really nice atmosphere at the meetings. You learn a lot about international issues and by the way you enhance your english language.“
Simon Zhai (Mechanical Engineering and Management)
 “MUN is a great way to look beyond one’s own nose and to meet people from all over the world to have the ever so popular ‘fruitful’ discussions about urgent topics.”