We the team of 2013 are happy to introduce ourselves. We want to share with you the joy we had in both debating with team members and anticipating the visited conferences. We’ll be happy to give you some feedback on conferences in Maastricht, at Oxford University and New York, United States that we attended.


Faculty Advisors

Building a strong team needs strong leadership. We are grateful to have a both strong and experienced team of Faculty Advisors on board teaching the delegation the necessary skills to perform successfully on the world’s stage.

Chong Su Choi (Medicine)
    “No need to describe MUN, it is simply a bus stop in life that you mustn’t miss! It isn’t a bus stop for the masses, it is the one that is made especially for you by you.”



Students from all faculties have applied to become a member in MUNTUM’s 2013 delegation. Those who made it through the process are glad to have the chance to introduce themselves briefly.

Felix Bieler (TUM-BWL)
Sebastian Broich (Mechanical Engineering)
     “I’m glad to have the possibility to discuss political topics besides my courses.”
Mark Brosig (TUM-BWL)
  Marco Ceccarelli (TUM-BWL)
  Niccolo Ciarlini (Mechanical Engineering)
     “MUN is a great way to vary the subjects I work on and to get to know people all over the world.”
Christian Dörfel (TUM-BWL)
Dominik Getzinger (TUM-BWL)
      “The rare chance to not only discuss current political issues, go abroad, get to know people from other cultures, but also to do all this in a team and find new friends is what MUN means to me.”
  Veronika Hüttinger (Mechanical Engineering)
      “I am learning to defend my position in a diplomatic and gentle way, which is always a very useful ability.”
Johannes Jeuck (TUM-BWL)
      “I enjoy participating in an organization that represents the idea of fostering world peace by dialogues and communication rather than by violence and war.”
Aleksandra Ovchinnikova (LMU-BWL)
     “I love the company of highly intelligent, smart and witty people that I meet at MUNs. Coming from different parts of the world we feel amazingly alike! We strive to learn more, expand our horizon and meet new soulmates. That’s what makes us common, and MUNs – fascinating, I think.”
  Stanislav Schmidt (LMU/TUM Theoretical and Mathematical Physics)
      “Let’s have some new ideas!”
  Ferdinand Stockmann
  Maria von Prittwitz und Gaffron
Julian Wilberg (Mechanical Engineering)
      “For me the participation at MUN is a personal gain because I have the
chance to discuss and think about topics far away from technical questions
that come across with my normal studies.”
Datong-Paul Zhou
      “I enjoy meeting people from different backgrounds with different mindsets.”