As the team of 2012 we were honored to represent TUM at two conferences worldwide, which were Harvard WorldMUN 2012 in Vancouver and NMUN 2012 in Lille. We appreciate the support from MUNTUM e.V. and are glad for the excellent preparation. We encourage all current students at TUM to apply for the conferences to come! MUN is a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

We are the team that attended Harvard WorldMUN 2012 in Vancouver, Canada and NMUN 2012 in Lille, France. Read our short reports on WorldMUN and NMUN.


Chong Su Choi as Faculty Advisor (Medicine)

Hakan Büyükkoru (TUM-BWL)

Maximilian Gaß (Mathematics)

Marc Hermann (TUM-BWL)

Irina Ivanova (Biology)

Andreas Jankl (Mechanical Engineering)

Michael Krapf (Mechanical Engineering)

Felix Kristl (Electrical Engineering and Information Technology)

Robert Morasch (Electrical Engineering and Information Technology)

Benjamin Meindl (TUM-BWL)

Lea Mulas (TUM-BWL)

Markus Okur (Computer Science)

Cheng Ouyang (Communications Engineering)

Peter Seiringer (Medicine)

Leonhard Spiegelberg (Computer Science)

David von Stumpfeldt (Mechanical Engineering)