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MUNTUM @ Oxford International MUN 2017

The past 3rd – 5th of November, 10 of our members attended the Oxford International Model United Nations (OxiMUN) Conference, in Oxford, UK.

With 9 delegates, including 2 delegates in Joint Council Crisis and a chair in SPECPOL, our delegates showed off their debating skills and diplomacy acumen.

MUNTUM had a strong showing, bringing 2 awards back to Munich, from delegates in the Press Committee and the Joint Council Crisis!

We are looking forward to our next conference, our very own IsarMUN.

2016-2017 application

The application period for next year’s delegation will be opened around May 2016, so stay tuned! More information will be posted here and also on our Facebook-Page: , so make sure to hit the “Like”-button!

Until then, our current delegation will conquer different conferences, amongst them, WorldMUN in Rome, representing Vietnam!

Information event

Dates, Times and Rooms for Information Events next week

If you are interested in the Model United Nations Society at TU München, we are happy to invite you to our one hours lasting information sessions being hold next week at Stammgelände as well as in Garching. We will brief you in detail on the goals of our club, previous attended conferences and our future plans, of which you sure should be a part of.

Stammgelände (Munich)

Due to room allocation restrictions, we are deeply sorry that we are unable to provide an information event. For further information about the club, please contact us via e-mail. You can find our prepared presentation here.


May 21st: 16:15, MW0337

Meet Team 2013

During the last months, team 2013 of MUNTUM e.V. has been preparing for upcoming Model United Nations Conferences worldwide. Now that the winter term has begun, team 2013 is excited to apply the theoretical knowledge to practice. The MUN conferences they are preparing for are almost here. Meet them personally in the “Teams”-section.

Learn from the Masters

Preparing for a MUN conference might offen seem stressful and tough. But it can be so much fun at the same time. For example by watching videos from the real rhetorics masters. Check out the following videos and become a debating master yourself!

gty presidential debate10 nt 121003 wblog Fact Checking the Presidential Debate in Denver

Watch the first presidential debate 2012


Watch President Obama at the UN General Assembly

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