On wednesday the 28th of May, fellow MUNTUMlers gathered at the main campus of TU Munich for the MUNTUM e.V. general meeting.

Not only obligatory changes of the board members have been discussed and voted upon, but also the future development of the MUN society at TU Munich and the realization of future potential for improvement.

Allow me to congratulate the new board members of the MUNTUM year 2014-2015 with their following functions:

Niccolo_CiarliniPresident: Niccolò Ciarlini

Simon ZhaiVice President: Simon Zhai

Mark Brosig Financial Officer: Mark Brosig

MUNSecretary: Philipp Bechhaus

Thus the MUNTUM board is set and ready to fullfil their responsibilities with dignity and ambition. Bearing in mind the upcoming conferences ahead, the board aims on further developing the political and verbal skills of the currently recruited delegation 2014-2015 to tackle pressing issues during MUN sessions in Germany, Europe and the world.