Dear students,


MUNTUM has been very successful this year in acquiring seats for delegates in MUN conferences worldwide. Due to this large quantity of seats we might be able to give some of them to you!

Of course, the delegation we have already selected gets access to conference seats first, but depending on their preferences you might get lucky and join the team right now just weeks before the conferences begin.

The most prestigious MUN conference of course is WorldMUN. This year, the conference will be held in Melbourne, Australia (Check out the official WorldMUN webpage). Since we got lucky in the seat acquiring process, chances are quite good for you to go on a trip to Melbourne, Australia which we promise you will never forget!

Did we get you interested? Send a short e-mail to join-now [at] worldmun [dot] de to find out about how to join the project.

We’d be glad to share the MUN experience with you!